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The latest from The Edge Workday

Taste test: How good are the new CC's corn chips?

We put the classic chips to the test to find out how good they really are!


5 things to do now Game of Thrones has finished

After 9 long years, what are we meant to do with our lives now?


'Guy in Disguise' at Camp Edge

Someone definitely mistook the saying 'going bush'...


If Guy and Sam were in 'A Star is Born'

10/10 would recommend.


What does Kygo think of the declining bee population?

It's time to start asking celebs the real questions.


Guy and Sam cry tears of joy as Sarah finds The Edge Safe House

The moment the The Edge Workday have been waiting 10 tortuous days for... and BOY she did not disappoint!


Guy tries to recreate Kim Kardashian's latest NSFW nude photo

We'll never be able to see Guy the same after this...


Sam & Marty steal Mitch James' guitar and more from these Homegrown artist's rooms

We don't think Mitch James, Kings, or SACHI will invite us backstage again anytime soon...


Can you sneak in to Jim Beam Homegrown without a ticket?

We sent Sam along to see if he could save himself some $$$ and get in for free.


Guy and Sam eat the hottest chilli we could find

We feel sorry for these boys some times...


Guy & Sam try a ridiculous Japanese game show and hurt their faces

Who thought this was a good idea?!


NZ Police release 'world's most entertaining recruitment video'

So good!