The Edge | Clint's embarrassing wedding blowout
The Edge | Clint's embarrassing wedding blowout
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Clint blewout at a wedding and did a shirtless haka for his aussie mates

One of the worst wedding blowouts we've heard.

We've all had a blowout after a big night out, especially if you've been at a wedding with an open bar all arvo.

But when the sunday scaries kicked in for Clint, he texted Meg ' F, I did such a bad thing at the wedding" with Meg jokingly replying " Did you lift up the bride and hump her? did ou do a lone wolf haka and get the words wrong? did you p*** in the champagne tower?"

Thinking nothing could be as bad as any of those, Clint shamefully replied "Oh my god one of those guesses is right!"

Meg and Dan instantly got the ick, trying to figure out with of the three is was before Clint the showman explained how some of the groomsmen were from Australia and had never seen a haka before.

"It's important to know that I am 1/32 māori and my family is from Te Rarawa but my family would be very embarrassed looking down on me".

Meg couldn't sit still as Clint replayed the audio (I tried getting the video but was firmly told that it was never to see the light of day) before the worst part came out....

Clint did it shirtless.

Watch the full video above to see all the reactions.