EDG - Clint and Dan prank Meg
EDG - Clint and Dan prank Meg
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Clint and Dan prank Meg by staging a fake interview with one of her favourite celebs

"I hope you both have a really sh*t day"

When Meg was told that the show had the opportunity to interview actor Stanley Tucci, who is one of her top 3 favourite celebs alongside Ricky Gervais and Adele, she cried with excitement. 

You’ll know Stanley from his appearances in Easy A, Devil Wears Prada, Hunger Games, Lovely Bones and many more. 

After things went quiet regarding the interview with Stanley, Meg had doubts whether it would go ahead but after receiving confirmation from management, she started planning. 

Little did she know that behind the scenes, Dan and Clint didn’t want to let Meg down with the news that the interview wasn’t going ahead, so they came up with a solution - get Dan to impersonate him.

If you're thinking this sounds familiar, you may remember back in 2021 before Meg left on Maternity leave, Clint pranked Meg with a fake message from Ricky Gervais, wishing her good luck for her upcoming birth. 

After the prank, Meg shared a tweet about it and the one and only Ricky Gervais responded with a message. 

You’d think Clint would have learnt his lesson the first time around. 

Meg was up planning questions for the interview the night before and she even cried with excitement at the thought of talking to Stanley. 

The morning of, Meg came in early and Dan let the guys know that he ‘slept in’ and wouldn’t make the interview.

Dan actually came in earlier than both Meg and Clint and was sat in a meeting room with a bald cap, glasses drawn on with a vivid and terrible Stanley Tucci impression he had been practising the night before. 

It was time for action. 

Just before the interview commenced, Clint asked Meg how excited she was. 

“I haven’t been this nervous in a really long time.” she said. 

She revealed to Clint that while she wanted Lizzo to like her, she was nervous to interview Stanley as she wanted him to like her more. 

With everything ready to go, the plan was to unveil Dan’s disguise to Meg by turning on the video feed once the interview had started.

Let’s just say Meg was not very happy at all…

Watch the prank unfold in the video above and listen to the podcast episode to hear the team unpack their reactions.

Hopefully, Stanley sees the video and finally pulls through on an interview to get Clint and Dan out of the dog box with Meg.