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Who gets the ring? Sean, Meg and Dan get heated debating who’s the asshole in this Reddit story

We're still undecided tbh.

Sean, Meg, and Dan got into a heated debate about who’s the asshole in a Reddit story they found online. 

If you’re wondering where Clint is, he’s on holiday with his family so Sean’s filling in while he’s away. 

The ‘Am I The Asshole’ story is about a guy in his twenties who inherited an engagement ring from his mother after she passed away. 

After his mother's death, his Father remarried and went on to have two daughters, one of which now has terminal cancer. 

The daughter only has a few months to live so she and her boyfriend have decided to get married before she passes. 

The catch is, the daughter has requested the engagement ring of his mothers, despite having no relation to her. 

While his family has pleaded with him and assured him that he will receive the ring back after his half-sister passes, he doesn’t want to hand the ring over, despite being single and not having any plans for marriage in the near future. 

This story sent Dan and Sean into a heated debate, with Dan agreeing with the guy that he shouldn’t have to hand over his mother’s ring while Sean believes that it’s the right thing to do and he’ll get it back after she passes away.

It’s a tough one. 

Entertained by the back-and-forth debating between the two as they argued their points, Meg admitted that while she didn’t want to be ‘sitting on the fence’, she can see both sides. 

Meg explains that while she can understand that the guy has no intention of getting married anytime soon, the ring is ultimately his and the pressure put on him to give up a special item is unfair. 

So unproblematic. 

Watch the chat above or hear the full chat on the podcast episode below.