The Edge | Clint asks Reddit to Roast Him and they didn't hold back
The Edge | Clint asks Reddit to Roast Him and they didn't hold back
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Clint asked the internet to roast him and they did not hold back

"it's nice to see Ellen got a job after her show ended"
28 April 2023 9:00AM

What better way to celebrate your birthday than by having the whole internet roast you? 

Posting to Reddit Roast Me, which has 3.1 million members, Meg shared a photo of Clint happily holding up a sign saying 'Roast Me'.

TBH we were only expecting a couple of funny comments but instead, the post went viral overnight and sat at the top of the feed with at the time of writing, 1,700 comments and is quickly racing towards 800,000 views.

We've pulled out some of our favourite comments from the post, so please enjoy and feel free to add more in the comments of the post!

'oh look it's Adderall Levine'

'it's nice to see Ellen got a job after the show ended'

'you can just tell he's got a lisp'

'it's the Backstreet Boys' ugly brother'

'it looks like your knees are smaller than your elbows'

'I knew there were camel toes but I didn't know your meat could form a boars head'

'dude wishes it was high school for the rest of his life'

'Man, there have to be less noticeable brands of diapers'

'did he get a good deal at bleaching his hair, teeth, and a**hole at the same time'

'He looks like the love child of Jason Mamoa and an Oompa Loompa, obviously, the Oompa Loompa had the stronger genes'

'Captain Corduroy Cameltoe'

'it looks like he's riding a small elephant that's lost a lot of weight'

'you're trying really hard to look like you're not trying hard'

'Tattoo like the rock, face, and hair like Cesar Millan the dog whisperer'

'The dude's pants fit him like he sh*t himself out of his D'