EDGB - Dan's Holiday Highlight
EDGB - Dan's Holiday Highlight
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Clint and Meg lose it after Dan reveals the highlight of his ‘great’ holiday

Dan really spiced up his holiday.

Clint, Meg, and Dan are back on Edge Breakfast after having a well-earned break over the school holidays.

Clint traveled overseas with his family and ended up having a holiday horror story (more to come on that) while Meg was flown over to Sydney for a brand trip. 

Exciting stuff. 

You might be thinking, what did Dan get up to?

Well, just wait. 

Clint explained that while they him and Meg had planned trips, Dan was forced to take a holiday so the team was off at the same time. 

Dan’s wife Hannah couldn’t get any time off work, therefore Dan was left with pretty much nothing to do. 

But his holiday took an exciting turn, with Dan revealing that Farmers had a red dot sale. 

You bet Meg and Clint lost their sh*t. 

Dan explained that with this incredible sale, he stocked up on underwear with 30-40% off Bendon lingerie. (not an ad)

Get him a sponsorship already! 

We’re just sitting here picturing Clint in Miami, Meg in Sydney, and Dan living it up at the Farmers red dot sale. 

“It is nice though to not have a testicle popping out of a hole” he admitted. 

Listen to the full chat about Dan’s exciting holiday adventures below or watch the chat above.