India Yelich-O'Connor isn't worried about comparisons to her sister Lorde
"If your bad then your bad."
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Indy Yelich talks new music and what it's like being compared to her sister Lorde

"We're just sisters, she's just like 'stop taking my clothes."
20 September 2022 8:32AM

This week, Lorde's younger sister Indy Yelich announced she's joining the music scene with the release of her debut song 'Threads'.

"I’ve been secretly working away at music for 4 years and i’m finally ready to share this part of me with you." wrote Indy on Insta.

"This song is about the ups and downs of being in love at 23. I think of a passionate argument, waiting for a text, going to east village bars with friends in NYC, the chaos & beauty of how the night could unfold. Walking home at 1 am with music blasting in your headphones and just watching the world go by."

Speaking with Nickson, Meg, and Eli, Indy said while some people might feel her becoming a singer has come out of nowhere, it's actually been something she's worked towards her whole life.

"Honestly, I've been singing my entire life," she began.

"I meet my manager backstage when I was 19, so it's taken me 3-4 years to really develop my sound. I guess poetry really helped me, you have to fine-tune it down to a cohesive song."

Now that we've heard threads, Meg asked if we can expect her whole EP to sound the same.

"Not at all, I love a variety of music, and I want to pay homage to the different sounds I heard growing up."

Indy then gave us a sneak insight into what we can expect from her next single 'Killer' which comes out mid-October.

" Each song is really different, the next song that's coming out is very intense and loud and sassy. It's evil, it's about the two sides of yourself. it's about the anxiety which I was trying to own. "

Of course, there's no ignoring the fact that Indy is Lorde's little sister, one of NZ's most successful musicians, so Meg asked if having that connection makes things harder or easier for her trying to break into the industry.

"I think it's a help, I needed the advice" she explained before saying she's not scared about the thought of being compared to her sister.

"honestly not now, we're different entities, I have had a life, lived in New York, and feel specific with what I'm trying to say, it's more a gift to have because I can get more reach but you have to do your own thing."

"We're just sisters, she's just like 'stop taking my clothes."

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