We asked The Edge - Who was your childhood cartoon crush?
The Edge Breakfast
The Edge Breakfast

We asked The Edge - Who was your cartoon crush?

We all had that animated character who made us ‘feel things’ for the first time
5 August 2022 3:44PM

We all have that one cartoon character that made our little hearts flutter when we were kids. 

Whether it was young Simba from ‘The Lion King’ or that hot fish from ‘Finding Nemo’ (I think he’s hot, don’t judge me) it didn't’ matter that they were pencil and pixels, or even if they were human, there was something about that character that gave us butterflies.

angle fish

We went around The Edge office and asked what cartoon characters people were in love with as kids.

Steph - Robin Hood

robin hood fox

"think he's a fox (literally) lol”

Soph & Sharyn - Aladdin


Both Soph and Sharyn were in love with Disney’s  ‘Aladdin’.

Soph said he was “The OG bad boy”.

Sean - Shego

shego from kim possible

Baby Sean had the hots for ‘Kim Possible’ villain Shego “bish was baaaad”

Meg & Sid from Marketing - Ash Ketchum

ash pokemon

Both Meg from The Edge Breakfast and our marketing wiz Sid had crushes on Ash from ‘Pokemon’.

Meg also had a crush on Princess Jasmine from the 1992 animated ‘Aladdin’ 

Meg & Boss Casey - Princess Jasmine

princess jasmine in red

Meg said “Jasmine in the red get up when she turned bad!’”

Eli - Li Shang

li shang mulan

“Li Shang in Mulan 🔥🔥🔥🔥 biggest cartoon chest in the game”

Clint Randell - Ariel

little mermaid

Little Clint Randell was in love with Ariel from the 1989 ‘Little Mermaid’. Now all grown up, he says his ideal woman would be ‘“Ariel but with sleeve tattoos”......okay, I get you. But what about legs?

Nickson & Producer Dan - Sailor Moon

sailor moon

Jayden - Coco Bandicoot

bunny coco bandicoot

“Coco Bandicoot but someone recently told me she's like 6, so that made it even weirder!”

Producer Brock - Lola Bunny 


When producer Brock was a little lad he had a crush on Lola Bunny from the ‘Space Jam’.

“She had the skills and the attitude that got the heart racing. She would be amazing at handling my balls.”

Mitch (Daddy Mitch) from Promos - Spike

spike penguin

“Spike the penguin from Squirt made me squirt.”

Laughing Laura - Jimmy Neutron 

jimmy neutron

Hayley from intergrations & 'web girl' Arlette - Peter Pan

peter pan fight

Hayley loved Peter Pan because “He has magical powers, he could fly and make others fly, his bestie was a fairy and he could whisk me away to a place where all my dreams could come true wow (and he's hot lol)” and Arlette agreed, Peter Pan was a cutie. 

But 2003 live action Peter Pan!  Boy oh boy! Seven year old me saw that film and got serious butterflies.