EDGE | Last Joke Standing Part 1
EDGE | Last Joke Standing Part 1
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The Edge Breakfast

How long can you last without laughing?

The first joke had me out straight away.
15 August 2022 7:29AM

The Edge Breakfast played a brand new game this week, Last Joke Standing.

The rules are simple, tell a great joke and if you laugh, you're out. Or if you're Steph, get out straight away.

Steph, Clint, Meg, Intern Cal, and Producer Brock took turns going around the room telling a joke each and by the way Brock started, we should've known it was going to go downhill quick.

"I was with Meg's mum and she was screaming 'give it to me! give it to me!'". Brock started.

Steph was starting to lose it before Brock continued with " she said 'I'm so wet!' ...... but I didn't give her the umbrella".

Instantly, Steph lost it and was out of the game.

The game went around before it was just Intern Cal and Clint were left. 

But who won? Watch the full vid above to find out!