The Edge Breakfast

Eli mourns the cost of lettuce with a Harry Styles sing-along

Crying in the veggie aisle - it’s just a sign of the times.

The high cost of groceries is on everyone's minds right now - with inflation pushing the cost of the weekly food shop up 6.6% on last year and a recent lettuce shortage making iceberg and cos so expensive that KFC had to start substituting lettuce for cabbage.

Eli from The Edge Breakfast has been missing his mesclun mix so much that he used the tune of Harry Styles  ‘As It Was’ to write an entire song about the high price of veggies - and it’s actually really catchy.


Buying a snack
But grocery prices are wack
I’m holding some cheese in the palm of my hand
20 bucks is an attack

How can I pay?
Six dollars for spinach today
When I know that I’ll just put it away
Where it will rot in the veggie tray, oh

In New World, I hate too fuss
But I can’t believe the price of Lettuce
I’m concerned, can’t afford the bus
Cause I just paid 9 bucks for Lettuce

For lettuce, For lettuce

I don’t know who to blame

My budgets been blown
These prices are so overgrown
I just collapsed in in the grocery store
The cost of cucumbers is wrong

I wanna yell
Cause this produce aisle is hell
Every thing on this dumb shelf’s
Too expensive even though it is good for my health,oh

These price are treasonous
I can’t believe the price of lettuce
Mesclun, rocket or cos
I can’t believe the price of lettuce

Of Lettuce, Of lettuce
This is just inhumane
To buy one broccoli head, costs as much as cigarettes
I don’t wanna talk about the price of lettuce

This monstrosity, supermarket duopoly
Combined with inflation oh it is just the worst