Ed Sheeran is releasing a Christmas Song with Sir Elton John - and we've got a snippet

The Edge Breakfast 29/10/2021

Ed and Elton, swinging in to save 2021.

This morning Ed Sheeran surprised all of us when he played a snippet of his unreleased, upcoming Christmas single with Sir Elton John live on The Edge! 

Speaking to Randell, Steph and Chris, Ed shared “…It was written Christmas day, 2020. And I think it comes out beginning of December.”

He also shared, “I basically wrote the chorus and then went to go and stay with Elton, and then we turned it into a full song.”

When we asked what the title is, Ed was only too happy to share, “So this is bonkers, right? It's called ‘Merry Christmas’,”

“When I wrote it with him, we went on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, whatever - typing in ‘Merry Christmas’. You know, there's probably a song out there called ‘Merry Christmas’ that hasn't been massive, but in terms of like the big 70 Christmas songs, there's ‘Happy Xmas’, there's ‘Merry Xmas’, there's ‘Merry Christmas, Everyone’. But there's not a song called ‘Merry Christmas’ - which blew my mind! So we've got this song. It comes out beginning of December called ‘Merry Christmas’, and we have thrown the kitchen sink at it.”

“Do you know what I love about this?” He continued, “Every time I send it to him for mix approval, he goes “more sleigh bells! Add more sleighbells!””

So here’s what we know about Ed Sheeran’s upcoming Christmas collab with Elton John:

  • It’s called ‘Merry Christmas’.
  • It’s coming in December.
  • Lots of sleigh bells.
  • ‘Merry Christmas’ chorus lyrics: “So kiss me under the mistletoe, open the wine, let’s toast and pray for December snow”.

We can't wait to hear it.

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