Steph joins The Edge Breakfast covering for Meg as she becomes a new mum

The Edge Breakfast 17/09/2021

Meg and Randell announced that Steph from Edge Workdays will be filling in for Meg while she's on maternity leave.

They surprised Steph with the news in an early morning wake up call. Check out the video above. Meg also took to Insta to express how happy she was that Steph will be keeping her seat warm while she becomes a new mum.

"Steph was my first friend at The Edge when I started in 2013 (peep the message she sent me on Facebook before we met) and we have been close ever since. How cool is it to say one of your best friends is going to be covering your maternity leave?! She is creative, smart, funny, clever, quick, passionate, opinionated and very very good at her job. A total force to be reckoned with and I can't wait to see her and Clint do the show together while I'm taking care of my first baby! 💕"

We're so happy for you Steph! Look forward to hearing you more in the AM.

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