'New responsibility & bundle of love': Steph reveals she is expecting her first baby!
The Edge Afternoons
The Edge Afternoons

‘A little bundle of love’: Steph just revealed she is pregnant!

"I will be given a new responsibility, and that will be a brand new little bundle of love."

A new member is joining The Edge fam.

The Edge Afternoons have been teasing some MASSIVE news and we can finally reveal Stephanie Monks is pregnant!!!

That's right, Steph has announced she is expecting her first child with her partner Jake.

"I'm going to have a bit of time off next year because I will be given a new responsibility, and that will be a brand new little bundle of love in the form of a baby." 

The whole team celebrated the amazing news, with massive smiles from ear to ear as Steph told everyone she is now 19 weeks along.

"So, yeah, my partner Jake and I are going to be having a little autumn baby, and it's really cool to finally spread the good news."

"We've got our 20-week scan next week. The first few months were pretty rough morning sickness-wise, even I was feeling it yesterday. So it really actually hasn't stopped."

As for other pregnancy symptoms, Steph said she can't get enough of sour lollies.

"We've had to buy you a lot of sour lollies over the last few weeks."

Steph's co-hosts Sharyn and Nickson said she kept her secret well hidden.

"We had no idea she was growing a human inside of her tummy. She was very, very good at hiding it," Sharyn said.

"Your acting is next level," Nickson added.

Now that the news is out we can't wait to hear more about Steph's pregnancy journey before she heads off to welcome her first bubba.

Congratulations to Steph, Jake and their soon-to-be family of three! xx