The Edge | Edge Afternoon's joined by David Seymour
The Edge | Edge Afternoon's joined by David Seymour
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David Seymour answers all of Nickson's Politi-Grill questions

From wearing crocs to who he'd rather go to a festival with, David Seymour didn't hold back.

Ahead of the election, Sharyn, Steph, and Nickson on The Edge Afternoons are being joined by each of the parties and putting each of them up against Nickson's hot-fire question.

ACT's David Seymour was first up in the hotset and didn't shy away from any of Nickson's questions (as weird as some of them were.)

"What actual acting have you done, if any?" Nickson began. "I played Sir Edmund Hillary as a child" (We found the clip in the video above if you want to see it.)

"Who would you rather go to Bay Dreams with, Chlöe Swarbrick or Winston Peters?" asked Nickson. "I reckon Chloe would be able to hook you up with better stuff., to be honest." Joked David.

It wasn't all jokes though, Nickson asked with David's electorates being some of the richest areas in Auckland, if he feels removed from people struggling in oter non-affluent areas of the country.

"Not really because if you understand those areas, they're actually there for the school zones," said David. "I go knock on doors and there'll be a big family in a small flat who're there because they want their kids to have the opportunity of going to some of the schools around there." 

"A lot of people in Epsom are rich," he continued. "but the reason they're rich is because the true spirit is the aspiration of making tomorrow better than today which is what I really agree with. "

For younger voters, ACT might not be their first thought when it comes to the election so Nickson asked "Why should Edge listeners consider voting or party voting ACT?".

"Edge listeners are younger, they're more hopeful and they've got a big future ahead of them," David began. "If we get this economy right, we have more interesting high-paying jobs, we make it easier to build a house, we make sure it's safe to be on the streets by maybe being a bit old-fashioned on crime."

"You know what? you do the crime, you do the time." he continued. "If you're looking at what your future in NZ is like, the values the ACT party has are going to be the best for you in the long term."

To finish things off, Nickson went through a quick round of red-flag questions, from wearing Crocs to what his favourite song right now is.

Watch the full video above.