EDG - Sharyn, Steph and Nickson talk to Jason Momoa
EDG - Sharyn, Steph and Nickson talk to Jason Momoa
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Jason Momoa seduces Sharyn, Steph, and Nickson with lines from ‘Fast X’

Was it hot in there or?

Aquaman star and celeb heartthrob Jason Momoa has been in New Zealand filming his new TV series ‘Chief of War’. 

Starring in the most recent Fast and Furious film, Fast X, where he plays the Villain, Dante Reyes, in the iconic series alongside Vin Diesel, he was in the country for the film's release.

During his time here, his new film ‘Fast X’ from the Fast and Furious series was released 

Sharyn, Steph, and Nickson from Edge Afternoons got the opportunity to sit down with Jason ahead of the premiere to chat about the upcoming film.

The star spoke about his ‘deep connection’ with New Zealand and his plans to live here forever. 

“You know when you land somewhere and you’re just like, I have this deep connection here, it’s one of the only places it’s ever happened”

He explained that after his initial visit, he came ten more times and continues to have an amazing time whenever he comes here. 

“I wanna live here for the rest of my life and someday I will,” he said. 

Just for the record, you’re welcome anytime Jason. 

Sharyn also asked about the previous night when we saw him have a big night out with his mates including celebs Taika Waititi, Israel Adesanya, and Lance Savalli. 

He explained that he had an ‘unexpected’ big night and his mates just wouldn’t leave his room, despite having a day full of press along with the premiere to attend. 

“I needed to go to bed early and it just did not happen.”

We’ve all been there. 

Nickson asked whether Jason’s character Dante was more excited to meet Dom, Vin Diesel’s character, or whether it was the other way around. 

“Dante's totally excited to meet Dom

He then ran through lines, reenacting his character's interaction with Dom, and seduced Sharyn, Steph, and Nickson all at once. 

Steph made a joke that she would grab the audio of him saying that and replay it to herself which cracked him up. 

At least we think it was a joke...

See the way their eyes twinkle as Jason charms them in the reel below. 

Have a listen to the podcast episode of the chat below or watch the full interview above.