Cal tries to impress Maisie Peters by telling her he's a 'surfer boy'
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Cal tries to impress Maisie Peters by telling her he's a 'surfer boy'

Just because you have a surfboard, doesn't make you a surfer Cal.

UK singer-songwriter Maisie Peters joined us in-studio for a chat while she's in Aotearoa on tour with Ed Sheeran. 

While exploring the country, she posted a TikTok to her account about looking for a surfer boy in New Zealand. 

So, when prepping the list of questions to ask her, Producer Cal slipped in a cheeky question about whether she had found her surfer boy and mentioned that 'Cal is a surfer boy' which is a stretch. 

During the interview, Steph asked her whether she had found her sought-after 'surfer boy' which she revealed she hadn't.

Nickson then asked her whether she had seen producer Cal and Sharyn went on to expose him for writing the question himself. 

When Steph asked Cal "are you actually a surfer boy" he had an interesting response. 

"I own a surfboard" which Cal, we hate to break to you, does not mean you're a surfer boy. 

And we're not going to lie, things got a bit awkward. 

Watch the moment unfold below. 


I think Cal still has hope that Maisie will fall in love with him but let's just leave him in his bubble of hope. 

Maisie has a brand new single out called 'Body Better' which we are loving here at The Edge as we think it is an absolute tune! 

Give it a listen below. 

Check out the full chat with Maisie below on our podcast.