EDG - Sharyn, Jayden and Dan chat to TikTok's Luke and Sassy Scott
EDG - Sharyn, Jayden and Dan chat to TikTok's Luke and Sassy Scott
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TikTok's Luke and Sassy Scott spill the tea behind their iconic pranks

We chat with the two brothers who have taken over TikTok!

If you've been on the internet recently, we're sure you're familiar with Luke and Sassy Scott on TikTok, the brothers from over the ditch who pull the most hilarious pranks on each other. 

Even funnier than their pranks are Sassy Scotts out the gate reactions and the banter between the brothers that if you have siblings, we can guarantee you'll relate to. 

Sharyn, Jayden, and Dan caught up with the pair over zoom to chat about the scenes of their pranks,  the most vicious revenge they pulled on each other as kids and we also surprised our web girl laughing Laura with them, and let's just say she was fangirling. 

We might have even set up a potential romance between her and Luke...

Watch the hilarious moment below. 

The iconic Scott spoke about the worst thing they used to do as children to each other. 

"He would fly knives underneath the door to try and get our ankles" Scott explained. 

We honestly couldn't keep ourselves together with these two, they're hilarious!

The pair are currently nominated for 'Creator of the year' at the TikTok For You Fest and they need your votes! 

Scott has previously spoken about his frustration with the Australian Red Cross which has banned gay men from giving blood. 

"I could save a sick child's life by donating my blood, but because I have sex with a man, I'm not allowed to" he vented in a video. 

In our interview, Scott explained that if they were to win the award, it would help them to build awareness around this issue and help to push for change to their ridiculous policy. 

Watch the interview above and make sure you vote daily for them to win 'Creator of the year', we can't think of a more deserving recipient.