The most out the gate stories we heard from you in 2022
The Edge Breakfast
The Edge Breakfast

The most out the gate stories we heard from you in 2022

There's some cooked stories to come out of this year that's for sure.

Let's be honest, 2022 was cooked. 

Through COVID and all the sh*t that came with it, I think we're all pretty done with this year. 

This year may have also brought some of the wildest stories we've ever heard on-air - period. 

So, why not wrap the year up by reminiscing on the craziest stories we heard from you throughout 2022? 

We would say enjoy but we won't lie, some of these are pretty gnarly.

We heard a wild story where a Bride and Groom found out on their wedding day that they shared the same Uncle.

Watch Sharyn, Jayden and Dan react to the mind-blowing story below.  

We heard a story from a listener where someone tried to come out to their family and they reacted with laughter as they already knew. 

They felt their special moment had been robbed so they recreated it with the reaction she was after which lead Meg, Eli, and Nickson to reenact the moment for themselves. 

Watch the madness unfold below. 

We heard a mad from a listener where snap maps uncovered her cheating boyfriend BUT there was a twist. 

Watch Nickson, Meg and Eli hear the story below. 

Just when you thought that catching your partner cheating couldn't get any worse, imagine finding them in bed with one of your parents... 

This is something else. 

Nickson, Meg, and Clint uncovered an incredible story from a listener on TikTok who joined us via Zoom to tell her sh*tty hookup situation that had us in stitches. 

Let's just say I would gladly pass away if this ever happened to me. 

Now this story is one that really pulled on our heartstrings. 

Just when you thought a situation couldn't get any worse, it does but karma comes around in the end. 

Our final story came from a guy whose brother got up to some sneaky business in what he thought was in private, but definitely was not, when they were on holiday over in Samoa. 

And that's a wrap! 

Thank you all for sharing your stories with us and we can't wait to do it all again next year.