Sharyn gives Steph Kristen Bell's 'life changing' viral mouth massage
Sharyn & Jayden
Sharyn & Jayden

Sharyn gives Steph Kristen Bell's 'life changing' viral mouth massage

That's one way to get into someone's mouth...

Kristen Bell, an iconic actress, and fan favourite appeared on Kelly Clarkson's show to discuss a new type of facial massage she's been receiving, claiming she's "never felt more relaxed."

Clarkson questioned 'The Good Place' actress after she posted a video to her Instagram while receiving the massage which she claims, was an 'out of body experience'. 

Hear her rave about the facial below. 

She's not the only celeb to use this technique, with Meghan Markle and J.Lo raving about the deep tissue massage. 

The official definition of massage is as follows:

Buccal massage is a specific technique that targets the lips, lower face, and jaw area. It is a preventative and corrective technique that is unique as it blends facial sculpting massage with an intra-oral massage (performed inside of the mouth). 

The facial works on a few select muscles, strengthening and relaxing them. Whether you have premature signs of aging or puffiness, you'll be happy to know that a buccal massage can help de-puff as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Here's me thinking my Gua Sha was doing this all for me. 

After reading about it online, Sharyn decided she'd whip out her gloves and give the massage a go on Steph, who's been filling in for Jayden while he's been away with COVID. 

Steph, who suffers from jaw pain, was more than happy to give it a go, although the run didn't go quite as smoothly as they had each anticipated. 

Watch the eventful experience below. 

Not sure if that sold us or put us off completely... 

If you happen to give this a go, make sure you get a pair of gloves and tag us in your videos, we'd love to see you give it a go!