EDG - Dan reads mean texts
EDG - Dan reads mean texts
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Sharyn & Jayden

'Selfish D*ckhead': Dan reads mean texts after sharing his controversial opinion

The people have spoken anddddd they're not happy.

Producer Dan and his controversial opinions. 

They've shocked, offended, and entertained the country but this time, the people are mad. 

Dan shared his very honest opinion on the show about how he believes that children should not be allowed at weddings. 

"They belong at kindergartens, they belong at primary schools, they do not belong at a wedding ceremony or reception". 

That simple statement ruffled the feathers of many of our listeners. 

Texts came flooding through, slandering Dan for his opinion, and let's just say we're glad he has a thick skin. 

So, instead of dwelling on it, we decided to sit down and read through the thoughts we received from our listeners and make light of the situation. 

Have a look at Dan's reactions to them above.