Mitch James Uncut
Mitch James tells all in this exclusive 50 minute interview.
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Sharyn & Jayden

Mitch James talks homelessness, his sex life, and how rejection impacted his mental health

Get ya best mug out, Mitch is about to spill the tea!

Mitch James, the man that stole the country's heart with hits Sunday Morning, Be Somebody, and Bright Blue Skies, is back in our earholes and BOY is he ready to spill some tea. 

The 27-year-old singer-songwriter sat down with our gal Sharyn Casey for an exclusive uncut interview and it is safe to say things got juicy.

In this extensive unfiltered interview, Mitch reveals the truths behind his dating life, the reality of signing a record deal, his difficult entrance into the music industry, partying life down in Dunedin, and plenty more. 

He opened up about his dating experience after finding success, explaining that many girls tried to sleep with him because of his status. 

“Girls are throwing themselves at you, at school, there weren’t many girls Shaz, in fact, there were zero” 

He also shed light on the reality of signing a record deal, his rocky journey to success, and the difficulty to earn a living while trying to make it in the music industry. 

“When I signed my deal, I was homeless.”

He went on to explain that he slept between mates' couches, and the streets and ended up living in his 1997 Subaru Legacy for a few months. 

He also dropped some truths about his album that got rejected multiple times by his record label and how difficult it was on his mental health. 

Dropping bombshells over a frozen marg - what could be better?

The singer-songwriter spent time in LA earlier this year crafting his second album ‘patience’ which he released on Friday. 

'motions' marks the first single from his sophomore album, describing the collection of songs as "the truth, being honest, being vulnerable" and "a full sort of 360" to how he started in music as a storyteller.

His debut album titled ‘Mitch James’ was produced with the help of Six60 members Ji Fraser and Eli Paewai, debuting at No. 2 on the NZ music charts and becoming certified platinum in New Zealand.

His rise to fame has seen him touring with artists like Six60 and Coterie, and even getting handpicked by Grammy-award-winning artist Ed Sheeran to open for his New Zealand shows, which led the pair to develop a close friendship. 

Taking a taste of Aotearoa across the globe, touring across Europe, Asia, and Australia, to say Mitch James has become a kiwi standout artist is an understatement. 

Buckle up, and maybe even get yourself a spicy marg to enjoy this chat that will show you, Mitch James, as you’ve never seen him before. 

If you’re ready for some tea, Mitch is about to spill it all!