EDG - Sharyn and Jayden hit the streets to sell our Daffo-DILF Day Calendar
EDG - Sharyn and Jayden hit the streets to sell our Daffo-DILF Day Calendar
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Sharyn & Jayden

We sold our Daffo-DILF day calendars to the public and this is how it went

Turns out selling calendars of hot Dad's for charity isn't as easy as you'd think.
2 September 2022 11:30AM

Ever wanted a calendar full of New Zealand's hottest Dads?

Yeah we thought so. 

Well, a few months ago, we came up with an incredible idea to raise money for the Cancer Society.

We thought we'd go out on a hunt for New Zealands hottest Dad's and make a calendar solely dedicated to them.

And then the marvellous idea was born, let's take the Cancer Society's Daffodil Day and combine it with dilfs - and we got Daffo-DILF day.

Genius right?

So we set out on a mission to find New Zealands hottest Dad's and all we have to say is WHAT A JOB. 

We appealed to our listeners to submit their Dad's to feature in the calendar and scoured the country to fin

In the end, we found 12 perfect DILFS from all around Aotearoa from firefighters to a drag queen even, we had it all!

We also had a few cameo features from Sharyn's husband Bryce, How to Dad Jordan Watson and our very own Clint Randell.

12 months, 12 hot DILFS, this calendar is something your 2023 self will thank you for.

Before selling them to the public, we had to film the teams reaction to them of course. 

So we headed down to Britomart in Auckland City to sell our calendars to the public. 

Who thought that selling a calendar full of hot dad's for charity of all things would be so difficult?

Have a watch of our experience above.

All in all, we raised over $3,000 for the Cancer Society which we think is a pretty solid effort! 

While we only planned to sell the calendars at one location, we have since had a lot of public demand for people wanting to purchase the calendars so we'll keep you updated! 

If you want to donate to the Cancer Society, you can do so here.