'I forked up': We finally caught the office fork thief
Sharyn & Jayden
Sharyn & Jayden

'I forked up': We finally caught the office fork thief

We still can't believe this.
2 September 2022 2:07PM

We're sure that at some point, everyone has experienced a situation at your workplace where there's a ridiculous shortage of cutlery. 

In our office, we had been noticing a shortage of forks and let's just say you could consider yourself pretty lucky if you could find a fork ANYWHERE in the building. 

This lack of forks meant that people from around the office were forced to come up with some pretty inventive ways to eat meals with a lack of forks.

Jayden, who is famous for bringing his lunch that stinks out the studio, came into work with a handful of aroughly 15 forks. 


Much to our outrage, everytime that Jayden would take a fork to eat his lunch in the studio, he would simply place it back in his lunch box and forget all about it...


So, we thought what better way to punish him than to shame him by walking around the office confessing his sins to everyone that had to experience inconveniene because of his actions. 

Off we went, dressed only in underwear by Jayden's choice, with a sign saying 'I forked up' around his neck. 

Dan joined him, with the bell of shame, to truly humiliate him and let everyone know who had been forking up our work lives for the past few months. (see what I did there) 

We even made him go to our CEO's office, Cam Wallace, and confess his actions.

Take a look at the hilarious adventure below..

While we're glad you owned up to your mistake Jayden, we're still considering a full fork ban for you.