We try the 'If you laugh, you're out' challenge
The Edge Breakfast
The Edge Breakfast

We try the 'If you laugh, you're out' challenge

See how long you can last without laughing.
5 August 2022 11:18AM

If you haven't heard of it, there's a challenge making its way around TikTok called 'If you laugh, you're out'. 

Essentially the game consists of gathering a group of people, whether it be mates, flatmates, workmates or family even, and you each make noises and try not to laugh.. 

As the title goes, if you laugh, you're out. 

So, we thought what better people to play with than some of The Edge Whānau.

Here's our first attempt at the challenge - see how long you can go without laughing. 

For our second edition, we roped in Meg and Cal from The Edge Breakfast and I think they soon regretted their decision... 

So much to unpack from that one.

Between Dan's sounds, Cal laughing pretty much the whole way through and Brock getting out on his own Whakatane, the list goes on. 

If you haven't already, we'd highly reccomend playing a round of this game with friends, family, flatmates or anyone that's up for it to be honest as it's a game that'll guarantee some entertainment.