EDG - Sharyn and Jayden chat with AJR
EDG - Sharyn and Jayden chat with AJR
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Sharyn & Jayden

Hitmaking US trio 'AJR' get deep with Sharyn and Jayden

You'll know the brothers from their hits 'Bang' and 'I'm Ready'.
1 September 2022 11:43AM

Multiplatinum indie pop trio AJR stopped by the studio for an interview while they were here fo their fourth full-length album 'OK Orchestra' world tour.

You probably know them from their 2015 hit 'I'm Ready' or more recently their 2020 hit 'Bang', which happened to be featured as a theme song for the Kardashians teaser. 

We got chatting to the three brothers, Adam, Jack and Ryan Met, who are originally from New York, about their career, mental health, receiving hate online and even our own Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. 

We also discussed with them about how they create their muic and they explained how their hit 'Bang' was created from sampling a simple door knock.

Below is a reel they shared with their 612,000 Instagram followers about how they created the hit. 

While the trio has previously been known for their thought provoking lyrics and transparency surrounding mental health., the brothers explained to us how their music has helped fans through dark times.

"If we're at a show or a meet and greet, there's always at least one person who comes up to us and goes 'Here's my emotional experience with this song'"

"If one person says that your song has helped them and 10 million people say your song is terrible, it's still worth it" Jack explained.

"Maybe 'Way less sad' or 'World's smallet violin' now" they said were the tracks they would reccomend to people who were going through a rough time.

We also chatted with Jack, who opened up about his journey with OCD and shared whether he thought the illness was taken as seriously compared to other mental illnesses.

The brothers even told us that they were big broadway fans so we recruited our own musical legend Producer Dan into the studio to sing us a show tune.


We're sure the brothers will be back in our earholes again soon with another huge hit but if you want to have a listen to their music, alongside their 11.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify, you can do so here.