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Steph holds back the tears during her final voice break on The Edge

We're going to miss you Steph!


Steph reacts to the brand new 'The Lion King' trailer

How cute does Simba look!?


Here's what the Christchurch Edge Safe House actually looks like

Pretty different looking!


Steph announces she's leaving The Edge

We'll miss you so much Steph!


Marty & Steph premiere their first (and probably last) single 'The Diary Song'

"The best song we've heard all year" - Marty & Steph


Mitch James treats us to a acoustic performance of '21'

How good!


Should Steph spice up dinner time by transforming into a naked chef?!

Because there's nothing like dinner and a show...


Bebe Rexha on fame, positive thinking and a messy encounter with a koala

You know what they say about koalas...


Troye Sivan on his upcoming album Bloom and strutting on stage with Taylor Swift

Troye Sivan chats about his upcoming album 'Bloom' with Marty & Steph


The length listeners went to beat the toaster with Marty & Steph

Now this is intense stuff!


Marty & Steph play the best new radio game ever!

One of the greatest pieces of radio you'll ever hear!


Steph challenges Art Green to the ultimate tennis showdown!

Steph reckons she has it in the bag!


The strange reason why Steph wouldn't mind being a pig!

A pig's life is a life for Steph!


Niall Horan says New Zealand is his favourite country to perform in

Yes Niall!


Marty and Steph help this listener decide their sexuality!

It all came down to a flip of a coin....


Marty and Steph get styled by the Fab 3

Can Converse really go with anything?


Are you any better at sticking to a diet than Steph?

Things are getting so bad, she's starting to picture Marty as a KitKat...


The Edge 30's parody of "Freaky Friday" starring Dom Harvey

How good is this!? Hahah


Sam & Marty steal Mitch James' guitar and more from these Homegrown artist's rooms

We don't think Mitch James, Kings, or SACHI will invite us backstage again anytime soon...


Marty & Steph chat with Alex Aiono

And he treated us to a live performance!


Crazy Catman Kev's NSFW advice

'Combing your pussy' is something we never want to hear said again...


Watch Lily from The Bachelor NZ swap clothes with strangers

Can you really wear Chucks with anything?


Turns out Billie Eilish can do a really good NZ accent!

Is this really what we sound like!?


Steph & Billie Eilish blow each others minds with stoner thoughts

how else has put this much thought into how planes fly?


Charli XCX explains her Instagram photos

Charli XCX is just like the rest of us when it comes to pizza...


The Edge 30's Marty and Steph chat with MØ

Marty you're so embarrassing sometimes...


The Edge 30's R-rated version of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle interview

The closest we'll get to hearing Prince Harry dropping an F-Bomb...


The Edge 30 ask strangers if they care about their new show

Probably not the response they were hoping for...


Marty reacts to his emotional goodbye 8 months later

How awkward is this.


Drax Project cover Dua Lipa's 'New Rules'

How good is this!