Sharyn talks about the ugly insta comments about her purple DWTS dress

Jono Ben & Sharyn 19/06/2019

Jono asked both Shaz and Ben if they go through their comments on the gram and actually take the time to read them. Shaz said she doesn't have that much so it's easy to read every single comment on her Insta.

She then opened up about the nasty comments she's received after posting a photo of her beautiful purple dress at DWTS:

I actually saw Kendall Jenner wearing that dress and my friend and I got it made and we loved it and I felt freaking amazing and I came off the show where I had the time of my life to a whole lot of people on my Insta telling me how I looked ugly. Made me feel like absolute sh*t.

At the end, Shaz says she just wants everyone to know that social media does not have to be a dark place and that people should be kind with what they say about other people with their comments.