Writing 'Too Proud' was an emotional journey for Broods

Jono Ben & Sharyn 15/05/2019

Broods popped in the studio today and have talked about writing 'Too Proud' and how it's been an emotional journey writing and recording it. Sharyn told them:

I've been wanting to interview you guys since 'Too Proud' came out. Thank you so much for doing that song. It's such an important song for NZ to hear. It's one of the most important kiwi songs that have ever been released. 

Shaz asked how it's been like singing it live in front of an audience and Caleb said:

Um, some nights it's really good. Some nights, it's not so good. 

Broods admitted it's quite hard to be vulnerable on stage specially with a song as important to them as this. 

Georgia said that the process of writing and recording it has been an emotional one and that she had to force herself to hold back the tears while recording in the studio.