Shaz reckons Producer Dan is responsible for all the condoms she found in her house

Jono Ben & Sharyn 22/05/2019

Shaz told Jono that she sometimes gets her mates to look after her dog and her house whenever she and Bryce are away. She also mentioned she found something interesting when she came back from a trip one day:

Someone that looked after our house made love to his girlfriend in our kitchen! But anyway, I was moving the bed and somebody who I will not name, that works in this radio station...conie wrappers all under the bed!

Jono looked at Producer Dan and asked if that was the reason why he was never invited back to Shaz and Bryce's house ever again. 

Producer Dan still denies it to this day and said he has never even house sat for Shaz and Bryce ever. 😂