Shaz and Jono keep giving Ben sh*t for his frosted tips

Jono Ben & Sharyn 15/05/2019

Jono opened up the 'Trivial Complaints Line' for the callers but Shaz was quick to throw Ben one:

Oh I'd love to put in a trivial complaint. I've got this friend that keeps on complaining about my reactions to emails that I get. And I've also got this friend who won't do anything about his regrowth...

She was clearly talking about Ben's frosted tips. Then Shaz threw Jono under the bus:

What about that text you sent me the other day about Ben's hair and you asked me what's going on with it?

Poor Ben just laughed his way through this 'work bullying' situation. LOL.

Let's leave frosted tips in the 90s and just call it a day, hey? 😅