JBS found out Producer Dan's pet name for his partner and it's so cute

Jono Ben & Sharyn 16/05/2019

Someone spilled some good tea on Producer Dan today.

Becs from the Edge offices told Jono, Ben and Sharyn that their beloved Producer Das has a very cute pet name for his partner. Take note that he is mostly a grumpy person at work and runs quite a hostile operation which is a fact everybody knows about him.

Shaz went around the room and asked everyone's pet names for their partners. Becs calls her partner 'Monkey'. Jono calls his wife 'Doll'. Shaz calls Bryce 'Poo'. And Ben's one for his wife is just 'Amanda'. 

Here's Producer Dan's pet name for his partner:

My Heart. ❤

That's right! 'My Heart' with wee heart.

HOW CUTE??? 💕💖