Jono and Ben get weird with the news while Shaz is away

Jono Ben & Sharyn 15/04/2019

While Shaz was away filming for Dancing with the Stars today, this is what the boys got up to-- Jono and Ben chat about weird sh*t from pretty much the closest piece of document they could find in the studio and read through. Today it was the 'Coffee News'.

According to Ben's Coffee News update:

 Germans have designed some shoes made out of fungus. But the shoes are made from a small family-run shop in Italy. But it's German designed. The leather material is actually fungi. They call it the vegan sneakers.

Jono asked Ben to go out at least on a funny note after making everyone listen to that weird mushroom shoes chat. But Ben ended it with a random and lame as dad joke:

What's the most dangerous part of the car? The nut that holds the steering wheel.