Jono prank calls Ben's wife and pretends to be an Italian builder with horendous accent

Jono Ben & Sharyn 26/04/2019

Apparently, Ben took home the Jono and Ben flourescent light sign when the TV show finished. He wanted to put it in their bedroom but his wife Amanda suggested he could just hang it in the living room instead a.k.a. no, Ben can't put it in the bedroom.

Then he asked Jono if he could prank call his wife and pretend to be a builder who will put up the flourescent light sign in the bedroom as per Ben's clear instructions. Jono did it but pretended to be an Italian builder named Bob for some reason:

Ciao! It ees Bob. Bob da builder. I am at your house. I have just arrived.

Wowee. There will definitely be no flourescent light signs up on the bedroom wall after that phone call. 😂