Jono ironically finds inspiration from heavy metal rock band 'Hate Breed' while driving

Jono Ben & Sharyn 15/04/2019

Jono was driving around with a shuffled playlist one afternoon when Hate Breed's banger of a tune 'You're Never Alone' came on. He said it was a heavy metal rock band and said the song sounded'ghastly'.

He did not skip to the next song. Instead, he finished it because he reckons it's actually quite 'beautiful' and 'inspirational' and that kids should listen to it for the lyrics:

This one's for the kids who have nowhere to turn. Who have nothing to live for. You think you haven't the will to persist. You have to search within yourself. All the work you've done in vain have been overlooked and taken for granted. Only you can end your suffering. You must be honest with yourself. You have nothing to lose. You feel that everyone's out to get you. It's our struggles that define us. Your spirit can't be broken now. You've come too far.

Now, let's all imagine Jono in his car, tripping on this heavy metal rock song and realising it's 'beautiful' and 'inspirational'. 😂