Sharyn sends Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern a heartfelt text

Jono Ben & Sharyn 20/03/2019

Sharyn was in her room one morning feeling both mentally and physically exhausted. This made her think of the pressure and stress that Jacinda Ardern must go through every single day as a parent and as the Prime Minister of NZ.

Sharyn thought it would be nice to flick the prime minister a wee text, since she's got her number down anyway and let her know that she is doing such a great job at being the Prime Minister. Sharyn reckons not that many people give compliments when someone is doing great at their job. Here's what she texted the Prime Minister:

Hi Jacinda. Apologies if it is inappropriate to text you. But I just wanted to say how much everyone really appreciates you in the way that you've handled what's happened to Christchurch. The example you have set worldwide-there's no word good enough for how incredible it is and the effect it's had on the country. The example you are setting is just amazing. Thank you for being such a genuine beacon of light for people in a horrific time.

Well said, Sharyn!