Jono, Ben & Sharyn prank The Edge 30 with a fake Justin Bieber interview

Jono Ben & Sharyn 05/05/2017

It all started with an email and ended with some disappointed mums when Jono, Ben & Sharyn set about pranking The Edge 30's Guy, Steph and Stuntman Sam.

The teams aren't on the best of terms, with the night show not putting Ben's Dad's song 'We're Telling Dad Jokes' on their countdown, so the only option was to mess with them.

Sending an email with the subject "JB'S Interview," they didn't tell the countdown show that the J, B and the S in the heading meant "Jono, Ben & Sharyn" and not Justin Bieber, making for a fun little interview.

Jono probably needs some work after a shameful Bieber impersonation.