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Shaz b*tches about Jono and Ben not posting content on their social media

Aw gummon, boys.


Shaz thought of divorcing Bryce for not using Google Calendar the way she wanted him to

Shaz was pissed AF.


Shaz serves up a revenge meal for hubby Bryce

Poor Bryce had to eat sh*tty vegan mushroom pasta.


Ben awkwardly apologizes on behalf of his dog for violently nuzzling Sharyn's vajoojoo



Jono, Ben and Shaz attempt to guess caller's accent with new game 'Accent or Acting?'

JBS came up with a fun new game for you guys.


Jono and Ben throw Shaz under the bus yet again with her online shopping addiction

Poor Shaz.


Jono does a stinky fart while asleep in an Uber

And he woke himself up...


Jono, Ben and Sharyn have smashed their 24 Hours of Interviews

355 interviews and 24 hours later...


Jono winds up mum Annie with Alien Ant Farm banger 'Smooth Criminal'

Annie are you okay? Are you okay Annie?


Ben reads Shaz and Jono's horoscopes then goes out with the lamest dad joke ever

This is why Shaz wants to pull the pin on coffee news lol.


Drunk Ben didn't make any sense during his cricket interview

OMG he's so wasted.


Jono tried to put his crotch on Ben's face in a plane once

Ben throws Jono under the bus with this one!


Shaz doesn't approve of Jono's sexual innuendo with a female caller

Jono just sneaked one in!


School principal blacks out after acting as Harold the Giraffe for the students

Harold the Giraffe also ended up in an ambulance after.


Ben put on some Britney Spears perfume for the Radio Awards

He doesn't even deny it. LOL.


Jono thinks calling Sharyn 'chubster' is funny

Is is though?


JBS mess up their break by singing different Lion King songs all at the same time!

This is an S.O.S.


Shaz freaks out after seeing Simon from the Wiggles followed her on Insta!

She couldn't believe it.


Sharyn talks about the ugly insta comments about her purple DWTS dress

Social media is a dark place...


Jono opens up about homosexual and racist comments

"Know better, do better."


Jono's new high-powered tennis ball launcher is a big dud

Should have kept the receipt.


Ben beats Jono at entertaining Manu Vatuvei with dad jokes!

Nice one, Ben.


Mum shave my bum, said Jono.

Such a strange request.


Jono listens to the filthy voicemail Ben's received from his wife

Shaz had a go yesterday. It's Jono's turn now!


Jono writes Shaz and Ben a heartfelt letter

This is probobly the nicest thing Jono's ever done in his life.


Ben savagely calls Jono a 'f*ckwit' for ditching their show yesterday

Shaz and Ben get Jono back for ditching the show yesterday.


Ben's surprise blindfolded trip to meet Kevin Hart


Shaz listens to the filthy voicemail Ben's received today

Once you hear it....


Jono shows Shaz how he fingers a packet of raisins

Anyone else eating raisins like Jono??


Shaz calls lady who yelled 'black monkey!' at MAFS' Cyrell in public 'disgusting'

Shaz is appalled.