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Jono, Ben & Sharyn's last break together as a show on The Edge

Gonna miss these three together :(


Sharyn surprises Quit Your Day Job's Jayden with news that he's won

We've finally found out who'll be joining Sharyn on Edge Afternoons in 2020!


Producer Dan tells his worst first day story


Jono and Ben pull off the BEST phone prank on Producer Dan

Producer Dan was NOT happy!


Liam Malone asks Hamish & Andy's Andy the hard hitting questions


Who do you think won the battle of the Benee interviews | #QuitYourDayJobNZ Live Trials


Should you keep your chocolate in the fridge or pantry? | #QuitYourDayJobNZ Live Trials


MAFS' Jono wows Sharyn with his hidden talent | #QuitYourDayJobNZ Live Trials


Taylah Tomokino's story about being attacked by a duck | #QuitYourDayJobNZ Live Trial


Keegan Govind's experience at "white people parties" | #QuitYourDayJobNZ Live Trial

This guy...


Sonny Tupu's amazing '20 Whacks Karen' impression | #QuitYourDayJobNZ Live Trial



Liam Malone's awkward game of footsies | #QuitYourDayJobNZ Live Trials

"She knew I had no legs but still tried playing footsies with me"


Producer Dan claims his dad invented the gazebo but not according to Wikipedia

It's not legit unless it's Wiki-legit.


Shaz can't wrap her head around Jono's butter knife life hack

Ben gets it but Shaz is absolutely confused.


Shaz starts super awkward convo about Jono's mum's pubic region


Ben too chicken to say Arnold Schwarzenegger's last name during break

So he just calls him 'Arnie'


Jono jokes about not doing the deed for two months and Shaz loses it

Two months is too long aye?


LOL. Jono finally gets a taste of his own medicine

Too funny.


Ben voluntarily dresses up as an Elf for an event even though nobody asked him to

It's not even Halloween yet.


Shaz and Jono couldn't handle this cat accidentally clawing someone's eyelid

This is wild.


Ben may or may not have sent someone his d*ck pics in the past

Ben won't admit it but Shaz reckons he's done it before.


Ben gets curious and puts his doggo's biscuit in his mouth to see what it tastes like

Lol what a weirdo....


Nadia Lim on what it takes to be a boss lady in the food business

It's #WomanCrushWednesday with Nadia Lim!


Jono and Ben open up about leaving The Edge and what they're doing next

While we're sad to see them go, we can't wait to see Jono and Ben back on TV again!


Jono and Ben announce that they're leaving The Edge

After 3 incredible years at The Edge, Jono and Ben have informed us that at the end of this year they have decided to leave The Edge.


Jono's latest prank involves Sharyn, ben and a cone | Pranked In The Garage Ep. 3


Ben mumbled so people thought he said 'porn' instead of 'sports'

Good thing he cleared this up lol.


Turns out Jono murdered Ben in a past life and honestly, we don't know what to think


Get ready for the lols because Sharyn has a new podcast called 'The Trainee Sexologist'


Jono sings opera style for Navvy and it got awkward

Sorry Navvy!