Watch Randell's boyband 'Average Garden' debut performance at Panmure Idol

jay jay dom and randell 12/08/2017

Ok, this is it. The moment we've all been waiting for.

Well, not everyone - just mainly Dom and Randell. We don't even think Randell's boyband partner-in-crime Tages was too keen, either.

After two weeks (which felt more like two eternities), Randell's boyband "Average Garden" - consisting of himself and a 14 year old boy, selected by his band manager Dom - were finally ready to hit the big stage and deliver their debut performance to the masses.

And when we say masses, we mean the mass of people at the Panmure Idol $1000 stage challenge, in some dodgy, half-empty bar in Auckland.

How did they do? Did they come up with the goods and deliver a crowd-pleasing performance? Or did they stink the joint up and get booed off stage?

Watch the video above and find out!

On a serious note - well done to both Randy and Tages. That took a lot of guts to do perservere and do what you two did. Congrats!