Randell made a list of Meg's most cringewrothy FB posts

Dom Meg and Randell 29/11/2019

Randell went through Meg's most cringeworthy FB posts and made a list of the best ones. Here's some of them:

- "I got my first ever bee sting and now I have my foot in a bowl of vinegar."
- "I'm stone cold broke."
- "Couldn't find any wasabi but aye 3 jalapenos instead."

(and there's more where that came from...)

Here's Randell's top 6:

1. I'm going to make the keg my bitch.
2. Never wants to go back to NZ after clubbing in New York last night.
3. My house smells like a pub.
4. I just had the best steak of my life. I don't understand vegans.
5. What's up with marriage, commitment's for losers.
6. OMG. The most amazing thing happened to me today, I was visiting SeaWorld on my yearly pass and threw my cigarette butt into the air just as a dolphin was coming out of the water and timed it perfectly to land inside its blowhole! #BoomTown #HoleinOne #YOLO!

Wowee. #6 though. 😂