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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recalls her personal highs and lows from this year

She's had quite an eventful year so far.


WATCH: Dom's rendition of 99 Problems - '99 Old Age Problems'

Old people be like...


Meg proves Dom is more of a thirst trap than Randell



Dom reveals the one smart move to make during any contract negotiation

This is how you should be negotiating.


Dom seeks advice from Doc Sash about an itching bump on his bum

Poor Doc Sash had to look at Dom's bum though...


Meg low key roasts Dom for not wanting to put up a Christmas tree

Kinda funny, kinda savage.


Randell made a list of Meg's most cringewrothy FB posts

Why Meg...why??


Meg and Randell are cracking up at their caller's hilarious name

What were his parents thinking...


Caller uses Snapchat geotag to locate ex BF and leaves a love letter to try and win him back

*stage 5 clinger alert*


Meg FINALLY gets one correct answer to Randell's punishing Maths test

How difficult is this maths test though?


Meg speaks out about violence against women this White Ribbon Day

It's time to speak out about violence against women.


Someone approached Meg at the airport and spilled the tea on Dom and his dog

You know it's bad when they have to talk to Meg about it too...


Watch Liam Malone hilariously rap to Post Malone's 'Rockstar' during his interview

Guys, he really tried with this one. LOL.


Dom tattoos a listener to win tickets for his sister to see Harry Styles in L.A.

He definitely wasn't expecting this.


Randell's kid has been spreading this rumour: "DADDY'S DIDDLE IS HUGE!"

Which apparently is true...


Dom's GF isn't happy about his dog Kanye leaving a massive spider on their bed

Naaah no one wants to see a spider on their bed.


Dom, Meg and Randell reveal random things that easily turn them on

For Randell it's pink hair...


Randell can't tell whether his son Ty had a good first day at kindy

Too cute.


Jason Derulo surprises Jay-Jay seven years after he tanned her boobs in-studio

"I think it's a trend, we should do it every 7-years."


Dom and his girlfriend were woken up by a home intruder

You'll never guess who it was.


Meg has a meltdown after being interrupted by Dom and Randell several times during scandal

It's two against one.


Benee reacts to Dom's 'Eggs Bene' gag at the Music Awards

What a major flop.


Ryan from Movember NZ tells us some easy ways to look out for your mates

It's always good to check on your mate.


Shortland Street's Rebekah Palmer opens up about her boob cliffhanger

Randell puts her on the hot seat today.


Dom and Randell reckon Meg's coffee order is the most complicated in the world

Dom reckons she's any barista's worst nightmare.


Dom reckons Meg looks like a car rental girl from Hertz with her outfit

Someone tell Dom it's called 'Fashun'


Dom, Meg & Randell open up about their "personal issues"

They've got issues.


Dom and Meg's hilarious take on the new NZ Police recruitment video

Holla if you've got tramp stamps like these two.


Dom thinks a good sneeze can feel like a really good orgasm

What kind of sneezes is he having?


Dom exposes Meg's extremely detailed to do lists

You do you Meg.