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Dom exposes Meg's extremely detailed to do lists

You do you Meg.

8 hours ago

Dom's message for anyone struggling with their NCEA exams

Exams are not the end of the world.


Dom & Meg butcher 'Please Don't Go' in front of Six60

So much talent in one studio.


Dom asked his mum when the last time she had sex was

That wasn't who he was expecting...


Six60 perform an acoustic version of their hit 'Please Don't Go'

Our very own Edge World Cup winners, Six60, joined us in studio to perform an acoustic version of their hit 'Please Don't Go' just for us!


Dom, Meg & Randell attempt to hit high notes like Matiu from Six60

Was it even worth trying.


Dom & Meg open up about online bullying and commenters

"It says more about them and what's going on in their life, than what's going on in yours".


Meg & Randell try out the Instagram spider filter in real life

Someone really faced their worst fear.


Dom gets Stephen from Dunedin to "blow his trumpet" on the bus

Sounds like someone needs a new trumpet...


Meg looks back at her emotional Grace Millane speech

Our thoughts go out to Grace Millane's family.


Meg writes her very own spicy fan-fiction

Meg gave it a crack this morning and shieeeeet, it's like this isn't the first time she's done this or something...


Dom reveals the identity of "the cock" for the final day of Cocktober

The man behind the iconic voice.


Dom compares Meg's beautiful red dress to a range of red everyday items

He couldn't help himself...


Randell opens up about the moment he decided to become a Christian

"Everyone's on their own journey, they gonna do their own thing, they gonna believe what they want".


Dom tries to guilt-trip Meg into eating her own booga's

Dom tries guilt-tripping Meg to eat her own snot; in return, reward a 'deserving' listener with much-needed cash.


Big Boss Ryan's vasectomy goes WRONG

Post-surgery, Ryan had some symptoms that left him feeling a little concerned...


Dom writes a diss track for Meg being the most "scientifically beautiful" on the show

Don't hate her cause she's beautiful.


Dom & Randell go head to head in a Hillary Duff 3rd grade school quiz

Who's the smartest?


Dom, Meg & Randell find out who has the most "scientifically attractive" face

We reckon this is pretty accurate.


Meg discovers Boss Ryan's secret past as a "Texas cowboy rancher"

He just couldn't go without these boots.


Listeners share their deepest, darkest "Domfessions"

That's one way to make a sandwich.


Dom, Meg & Randell bitch about their boss Ryan

The voice disguiser worked so well...


Stan Walker & Hamo Dell perform 'Choose'

This is so beautiful.


Dom called his mum to reveal someone had leaked his "sex tape"

Grubby little boy.


Meg shares why getting pronouns right is important to non-binary people

"If it's going to make somebody else happy and it doesn't affect me negatively, then why not give it a go?"


Randell called his mum to reveal someone had leaked his "sex tape"

She almost took the bait.


Vicky & Stefan from Married at First Sight react to Jimmy's inappropriate comments

Somebody just shot their mouth off.


Meg got disturbed by a video Dom posted in the group chat

Why. Just why...


Meg called her mum to reveal someone had leaked her "sex tape"

Because she was totally gonna believe this...


Dom finds out that loads of Meg & Randell's friends despise him

The penny has finally dropped.