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We're going to Queenstown to retrieve Meg's boobs

Yep, you read that right.


Meg and Randell play Ding Dong Ditch on Dom

Well, they tried.


Randell reckons perms are coming back in

Yeah right.


TikTok sensation Uncle Tics joins Dom, Meg & Randell

How good.


Meg faces her fear of clowns with Blue Meanie from Spookers

Good on ya Meg.


Hunter thinks his Mum's been saying "Regina St" wrong all these years

Regina or Regina?


Dom, Meg and Randell find out the top 10 guys that will ruin your life

We did not have a shortage of texts on this topic.


Jawsh 685 joined Dom, Meg & Randell for a chat

How good.


Producer Alex takes on even more classic sayings

She's at it again.


Producer Alex tries her best to guess even more classic sayings

Oh Alex...


Meg's worst selfie angle makes her look like a giant thumb

Chins for daaaays.


Dom and Randell can't believe Meg actually made these herself!

Meg's found a new hobby and she's good at it.


Meg reckons she is 'ugly enough' to be casted for Lord of the Rings

Meg badly wants to get casted for the upcoming LOTR Amazon Prime series.


Producer Alex really sucks when it comes to finishing off famous sayings

"Home is where the bacon is." she said.


Dom and Meg won't shut up about Randell's massive wang

Once they start talking about Randell's wang, it's hard to stop.


Meg gets schooled by kids during Spelling Bee

These kids are savage!


Dom and Meg's skat battle just. ain't. it.

"It's a jazz thing." - Meg


Meg can't handle these horror birth stories

How about that bit with the doctors sucking out a baby's head though?


Meg is in struggleville trying to spell 'PROFESSIONAL'

p-r-o-f-f- o-s-s-i-a-n-a-i-l she said.


OMG Dom actually pisses himself during his run

The weather wasn't the only thing pissing that day...


Hilarious break with producer Alex finishing off famous sayings

Round two with producer Alex and she still can't get the sayings right!


Randell's daughter wants a diddle for her birthday

Oh bless.


This caller thought dinosaurs were mythical creatures like unicorns until recently

Does this mean she thinks unicorns once roamed the earth too? LOL.


Top pick up lines from your DMs to our office hottie Kate!

"Do you like raisins? What about dates?"


Dom, Meg & Randell attempt the 'Friends' clap

He just can't clap.


Giving Meg sh*t for sounding like a mum saying 'Pretty freaking cool!'

Why did she have to say it like that?? LOL.


Dom, Meg and Randell have a fail moment on live radio

What a shambles...


Game: What is he saying when he is saying this saying?

Can you finish all of these sayings?


Randell and his wife tried this silly yoga exercise called 'The Game Changer'

Note: Clear your blocked nose before trying this.


Randell plagiarises Wonderwall in love letter to wife Jamie

He could have picked a more low-key one but no it had to be Wonderwall.