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6am - 10am, Weekdays | Keep up to date with Dom, Meg & Randell on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

6am - 10am, Weekdays | Keep up to date with Dom, Meg & Randell on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

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Dom, Meg & Randell's Big Scissor Throw

This was truly legendary.


Boss Casey gets scissor throwing practice from a pro axe thrower

Look out Randell.


Meg and Randell love an angry Dom

They really do...apparently.


Meg gives a snail the fright of its life going 80KPH on the motorway

The poor snail was clinging on for dear life.


Boss Casey has started practicing for Randell's big scissor throw

Guess it's going ahead now.


Randell found some interesting facts about the Chicago Bulls

Randell went into a Chicago Bulls wormhole after finishing The Last Dance on Netflix.


Meg paid a psychic sketch artist to reveal Dom's future wife

We definitely didn't see this one coming.


Randell's golf ball stitch-up

Another classic one from Randell.


The strange thing Randell did at his nana's funeral

Not surprising at all, coming from Randell. Lol.


Caller Todd would do anything to get Dom's golden pussies

Dom is giving away all three of his golden pussies and caller Todd wants one.


Dom has a tough time adulting...

He can't even stay for the break. He needs his banana bread now!


Who's the best kisser - Dom, Meg or Randell?

You be the judge!


Big boss Leon missed Mike Puru's head by a few inches with a pair of scissors

Throwback to when no one cared for health and safety. Also, do not try this at home.


Petitefeet earns heaps from selling pics of her feet online

Need a side job to help pay those bills?


Dom and Randell are low-key savages

No surprises here...


Dom and Meg fight over Heartland Chips plug like immature kids

"Thank you Heartland. You are...the heart of the land."


Randell cracks a planet joke you probably haven't heard of before

"Where would the Indians go if space travel becomes available?"


Dom throws Meg under the bus for this drunken email she sent around the office

The email literally made no sense.


Dom, Meg and Randell drive their listeners crazy with annoying ringtones

This is how to NOT keep the listeners tuned in.


Randell scared to ask for a banana from Dom

We've never seen a more awkward Randell than this.


Randell's daughter Cammy fails the Candy Challenge

Randell might need to step up the parenting. LOL.


Caller has been consuming semen on the reg to avoid getting sick from coronavirus

Apparently semen is 'loaded' with some vitamins...


The Egg Challenge - Randell does the impossible

Honestly, is there anything this man can't do??


Dom really couldn't stand this Nelson Mandela impression over the phone

Dom is so over it.


'Do a Meg' vs 'Do a Jayden'

Meg did something nasty in the past and Dom now calls it 'the Meg'


Randell malfunctions for 5 seconds during break



Awkward moment when Prime Minister Jacinda doesn't say 'I love you' back to Randell

Let's just hope the prime minister forgets this ever happened.


Meg couldn't believe it when she misheard her husband Guy say she's "fat"

Not what he said but Meg thought he caller fat to her face...


Meg says THE most rank thing about what happens after a month of no waxing

Just Meg speaking on behalf of every other girl stuck at home during this lock down.


Meg is over the moon after finally getting the blue tick on Insty

She's finally got a verified account!