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Yuki from Married at First Sight NZ opens up about her dream relationship with Dan

Just so cute!


Randell & some listeners take a dip in "Mom's Spaghetti" for tickets to Eminem

So ready, they dipped into mom's spaghetti...


Dom investigates a girl who slid into his Instagram DM's asking for a threesome

This has got to be a catfish!


Dom got approached in his Instagram DM's by a girl asking for a threesome

This has got to be a catfish...


MAFS NZ's Julia opens up about her struggles with attraction to Dave

Julia from Married at First Sight joins Dom, Meg & Randell in studio


Dom finished 2nd at a fun run but got beat by a 14-year-old kid

Well that was impressive


Wayne from Married at First Sight tells us what he really thinks of Ksenia

Is it really as bad as it seems?


Dom's Kmart parody to George Ezra's 'Shotgun'

Because who doesn't love Kmart?!


Meg & Guy tried to teach their dog Nala to bark

Wouldn't she already know how though...


Meg reacts to memes about her Safe House reaction face

The face of a million memes!


Ksenia from Married at First Sight explains why she came across so mean

Is she really as mean as she seems?


Rhys Darby on his new kids book and how he almost became a 'cowboy robot' on Westworld

Rhys Darby chats with Dom, Meg & Randell


Ottie from Married at First Sight opens up about her past heartbreak and having kids

Dom, Meg & Randell chat to Samuel & Ottie from Married at First Sight


The Block NZ winners Amy & Stu chat with Dom, Meg & Randell

The Block NZ 2018 winners Amy & Stu chat with Dom, Meg & Randell


Meg's old teacher awkwardly revealed her interest in MMF threesomes

Well this was awkward


Fraser & Wayne from Married at First Sight NZ chat to Dom, Meg & Randell

It's back and we can't wait for the drama to start


Dom gives us a massive update on Ka'iulani's life saving cancer treatment

Some pretty massive news


MAFS AU's Ryan says he and Dean are mates now!

What a twist!


Randell shares his new favourite song to make love to

Nothing's off limits here...


Meg attempts to "speak sing" like Selena Gomez. Is it better?

Tbh it wasn't too bad... until the chorus


Dom gives us an update on how Ka'iulani's cancer treatment is going in Barcelona

The family are in good spirits - with another baby on the way


Meg & Randell have trouble remembering their favourite Anika Moa songs

Somebody forgot to do their research...


Dom unexpectedly stumbled across a nudist beach in Central Auckland

There were definitely no ladies to be found in Ladies Bay...


Dom & Meg talk about accusations of being bullies

Time for another compliment corner


The weird name that Randell wanted to call his son before his wife stepped in

This would definitely be different...


Meg got herself stuck in the toilet after Guy forgot to put the seat back down

Yeah. This actually happened...


Randell surprises Meg by getting her neglected South African table runner framed

How lucky is she?!


Dom took on way more than he could chew on the ski slopes

He definitely overestimated that


Mitch James performs Dom's surprise song

At least it started off good...


Meg reminisces over a wild girls weekend with her best mate

Well that ended messy