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We got a message from someone who blew up her sex toy while using it

That's what she said.


Randell's not happy about self isolating on Easter and Anzac long weekends

Yeah, nah, no water skiing for Randel for a month.


Randell and Dom ask pesty questions during a game of Horn Wars

"Are you wearing a lilac lace panty?"


Jacinda Ardern addresses the most frequently asked questions about the lockdown

Here are her answers.


PM Jacinda Ardern advises against moving flats in between lock down

Soz guys, gotta stick with the flattie who is driving you nuts for now.


Watch Sean from the Edge Nights nail his impression of Dom

Pretty spot on from Sean!


Employment lawyer Bridget Smith answers your questions around COVID-19

Your questions, answered.


Randell reveals how he edits pics for Instagram in 4 simple ways

And you don't need a filter for it!


Covid-19 lock down has been affecting Steph's sex life

No more kissing!


A convo with microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles about coronavirus

She talks about the cure and slowing down the pandemic in NZ.


Here's a nice message from Dom about panic buying amidst Coronavirus pandemic

"Just generally be a decent human."


Steph's alter ego Gary comes out when Randell chucks on the voice disguiser

Theeere she is!


Randell went out of his way to save a house from completely burning down

Randell is an actual hero.


Dom surprises Randell with his absolute man-crush

The guns on that man though.


OMG someone left a massive sh*t on Dom's footpath

Like an actual, real, brown, mushy blob of poo. And a giant one too.


Dom loves shushing people around and Randell is not having any of it

You tell him, Randell!


Meg and Guy talk about their psychopathic tendencies! carrying ten grocery bags all at once back to the house after a supermarket run.


Stealing pens from work is against the law

This is a public apology from Meg.


Dom, Meg and Randell play the most judgmental game ever!

Apologies to all the Cathy's and Simon's out there.


Throwback to when Randell threw the name 'Chad' under the bus!

To all the Chads out there, we apologise.


Caller Louise pranks her nana big time to win My Chemical Romance tickets

one heck of a stitch-up this one...


Producer Phippsy bribes sister to strip down naked with him for some cash

Let's just say we're glad she said no.


Meg gets frustrated at Randell for including these 2 things in his hand me down boxes

Extra-large condoms? Really Randell??


Cathy from Married at First Sight spills the beans on the first night...

"It was spelled on my face...S-E-X"


Meg gets told off by someone who works in ASB

Even though she technically didn't break any rules.


Dom's cute little pooch Kanye goes apesh*t!

OMG Kanye's totally lost it...


Dom and Meg switch chairs and starts roasting each other!



Meg gets sucked into a science trap and finds out the colour pink does not exist!

Mind-blowing stuff!


Dom has a new 'cow couch' and some lame puns to go with it

He got a wee bit carried away with the dad jokes this time.


Meg tells Dom his new pants look like an 'ugly barcode'

Not just a barcode. An 'ugly' barcode!