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Meg's live performance of her Celine Dion version of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

How amazing is this!?


Meg reflects on the Grace Millane case in open letter

"Rest in peace to Grace whose only crime was chasing an adventure and living her life"


Nathaniel's favourite artist Avalanche City surprises him with a live performance in studio

What a beautiful moment.


People have been complaining A LOT about something Dom does on the show

Listeners are up in arms


Nathaniel finds out what's in store for day two of his exciting Auckland experience

He's in for another full day of surprises!


Dom discovers that Randell has more than one bad side to his face

Poor Randy...


Meg hassles Randell in an incredible mic drop moment

She finally lands the perfect mic drop!


Dom, Meg & Randell surprise Nathaniel with the ultimate Auckland experience

How awesome is this!


Dom got clothing shamed by some teenagers while he was out shopping

Somebody was trying to look cool...


Dom managed to get all of his Christmas cards done while he was drunk

So that explains what Dom is like when he's sober...


Dom & Randell uncover Meg's secret Celine Dion inspired Christmas album

What was she thinking?


Randell accidentally revealed that he's "that guy" at the gym

Such a punish for other gym users...


Meg reveals the strange thing she wants for Christmas this year

Coming to a gypsy fair near you


Dom just casually dropped an f-bomb on-air

Somebody was living the thug life this morning...


Meg tells us what Red Friday is and why she's supporting the cause

Get out there and support the cause


Dom's special relationship with Randell's mom

She's got it going on...


Dom steals Randell's joke after he was too busy reading about marathons

Somebody blatantly wasn't listening...


Dom received a local hero award for his effort during the 5 Marathons in 5 Days Challenge

What an incredible honor


Meg reacts to the saddest Christmas short film ever

Classic Meg...crying...


Meg has started to make her own jam at home

She'll get poached by "The Breeze" at this point...


Randell's wife changes the toilet roll from "under" to "over" whenever they go out

How could it not be "over" though...


Meg reflects on 5 years at The Edge and her first year on Breakfast

Happy 5th anniversary Meg!


Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs narrates Chang's shoe-box apartment

What a place to call home...


Dom, Meg & Randell open their early Christmas gifts from Stephen from Dunedin

If only our surprise for him went to plan...


Randell told Meg to search for scandal stories on Red Tube

Pretty sure that's not where you go to find scandal stories...


Meg opens up about body positivity: "You're so much more than your physical body"

Such a great message


Guy opens up about how he popped the question to Meg

This is so cute!


Meg shares the story of how Guy proposed to her!

Congratulations Meg & Guy!


Meg gave us a preview of Scribe's brand new track

It probably won't sound like this though...


Dom & Randell go head to head in an epic on-air rap battle

Yeah boi!