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Randell wants his cowboy hat to become a regular thing on the show

Randell, you do you.

10 hours ago

Dom got feedback from a parent after their child read his running book

Even kids read his book.


Meg went on a Love Actually tangent through her supermarket of thoughts

Well that was random.


Meg thinks the full moon is the reason for weird things happening

This could explain a lot.


Dom's strategy for taking lemons from your neighbours tree

What a cheap skate.


Randell gets turned on by girls who wear crop tops with a diagonal cut

Well this is very specific...


Randell recommended a new sex song for Meg to try out with Guy

Hopefully it won't be too scary for him.


Dom gets turned on by this one particular Karen Walker necklace

This isn't weird at all.


Meg breaks her singing ban to give us a bit of Celine Dion

You're welcome.


Dom offered his mate Spiderman merch then gave him a massive guilt trip

Taking merch from a toddler.


Dom & Randell write Meg a song highlighting her bad week on the show

What every good friend would do...


Did Dom cheat when it was his turn to do the public transport choir?

What do you reckon?


Meg shared a rude joke her German teacher taught her in high school



Dom finds out that he's the best gorilla on the team

Now this is on the internet forever.


Randell gets called out by Meg over his opinion on clean shaven women

Randell isn't a fan of the bush.


Dom reveals what women wear that really turn him on

Something that Meg wears often...


Randell has his go at singing on a public bus...awks...

Randell loved it tbh


Dom doesn't believe in the power of crystals and wants them out of the studio

People aren't happy.


Dom's girlfriend is fed up with having Kanye in bed with them

Don't make him choose...


Dom's joke about Meg's mum getting crushed fell completely flat

Nobody found that funny.


Caller struggles to guess songs when DMR made the answers super obvious

Went right over his head...


Dom & Meg tell Randell why there's no need for any more testosterone in his life

He's got enough already.


Meg is forced to try and start a public transport choir

Omg Meg nearly died from embarrassment


Dom attempts to understand why women wear spanks and heels

It's like we're turning into the internet.


Dom kept a secret Meg told him - but everyone knew exactly what it was

Obviously he wasn't cryptic enough.


Producer Alex got stitched up by DMR in a fake Balloons for Bali challenge

We got her real good.


What happened after Dom played a game of Mahjong with Randell's mum

This may have happened.


Dom received a NZ Radio Award for his 5 Marathons in 5 Days challenge

Such an incredible achievement.


Meg shows off her new self defense skills she's learnt...on her fiancé Guy

Go gal!


Meg tried her best to win her right to sing on the show again

She had to try again...