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Meg reads out extremely offensive lines after failing a Lord of the Rings quiz

Meg, how could you?


Dom lit a smudge wand that caused an on-air building evacuation

Well that went well.


DMR confront their Mum's asking whether they've ever smoked weed before

In a round of 'Weed Snap', the team try and correctly guess whether or not each of our Mum's have ever hit the green before.


Dom lit a smudge wand in studio but got it confiscated by the boss

Guess the negative vibes are here to stay...


Dom's mum is furious at Randell for teaching his daughter to flip the bird

Totally inappropriate.


Randell wrote a diss track for Dom after thinking he won hottest media hunk

The arrogance of the man...


Chang says goodbye to The Edge after 17 years

Chang has the team in tears during his last ever voice break on The Edge.


Producer Mel tries out the Shawn Mendes kiss with the receptionist

Things got hot pretty quick.


Meg's heartbreaking encounter with an elderly man at the supermarket

This is extremely sad.


Chang announced that he is leaving The Edge

What a wild ride.


Paddy Gower told us about his experiences with weed

Paddy used to hit the bukkie bongs.


Dom, Meg & Randell have a full on argument about how annoying they are

They're all throwing mud at each other.


Chang tries to win $500 from Dom by running 400m against a 12-year-old

Did Chang really stand a chance?


The Block 2019 winners Lisa & Ribz tell us what they're doing with their prize money

Congratulations Lisa & Ribz!


Chang will run a race against a 12-year-old to try and win $500 from Dom

He won't stand a chance.


Meg stops Randell in his tracks from stealing one of her stories

Stories are few and far between around here.


What Dom discovered about Randell in a game of Lie Detector

Is it really just a lousy $69 game?


Dom discovered that Randell threw him under a bus in a Woman's Day interview

They're already throwing mud at each other.


Meg roasts Dom and Randell's Instagram accounts

She basically just stalked their accounts though.


Dom Harvey reveals how much he gets paid in a game of Lie Detector

We put Dom through a round of gruelling questions in a Lie Detector test... How much does he earn? Does he want to marry his GF?


Dom shows off his old school choir singing skills

Interesting song choice.


Dom & Randell's hottest media hunk diss track

The internet isn't ready for this.


Randell thinks he got scammed but he's just been pumping too much iron

Is that right...


The Forbes Family one year on from Dom's 5 Marathons in 5 Days challenge

Spirits couldn't be more high.


Bohemian Rhapsody movie vocalist Marc Martel sings in studio

What a voice.


Dom has the sudden urge to do a poo when he enters an electronics store

Alright then.


Dom addresses the tragedy of New Zealand's suicide rate increase

It is a tragedy. There's no other word for it.


Lily McManus calls up Sam about what he said on Celebrity Treasure Island

Well that went well...


Dom & Randell got nominated for Woman's Day Media Hunk of the Year

Oh là là!


Dom wants to make the word "preekend" a thing

He's so woke.