Zac forgets how to dance and 4 other thoughts from DWTS | Ep 5

trending 14/05/2018

Dancing With The Stars is back for another week and filled with just as much thoughts as ever!

Here's our 5 from last night's episode:

1. So...Mike looks kind of jealous

Mike McRoberts is in the house!

2. Zac forgot how to dance...

Damn, That week 3 curse really is real.

3. Zac got sweaty on the d-floor, but Shav's here to clean it up

ok but how cool was that move from Shav though!?

4. Rachel gave some weird asf 'professional advice'

Looks like someone's seen 1 to many Saw movies...

5. The judges show off a bit

Atleast we know they really do know what they're talking about.