Jacob Sartorius seemingly outs his mum for cheating on his dad - but there's more to the story

Jacob Sartorius seemingly outs his mum for cheating on his dad - but there's more to the story

Interesting way to promote your song, but pop off, I guess!

Jacob Sartorius has decided to tease his latest single by seemingly outing his mum for cheating on his dad.

The now 21-year-old - still processing that info – rose to fame from posting lip-syncing videos on the cringe-inducing app that was Musical.ly and also for briefly dating ‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown.

Oh, and how can we forget his arguable BANGER ‘Sweatshirt’? Don’t lie, you’ve almost definitely heard it before…

Well, Now he’s releasing a new track titled ‘Simon Says’ and his first teaser is UNDENIABLY filled with shade.

“The moment my Mom caught me videotaping her cheating on my dad 💔,” he wrote alongside a clip of who appears to be his mum and a man sitting on the beach, sharing a kiss.

The video then abruptly cuts to Jacob wearing a backward cap, playing guitar and singing the lyrics: “So you wanna play a game? Running like a kid, you can’t tell the truth…”

Honestly, it has the potential to be a hit, but I just refuse to believe he would do his mum like that. 

The video has gained a whopping 3.9 million views on TikTok, and I’m sure it’s because we’re all eagerly awaiting some sort of storytime on the sitch.

But, while that still hasn’t come - boo - Jacob has shared two follow-up clips promoting his song, both with different cheating scenarios.

“POV: You catch your boyfriend cheating, but you can’t let him know you’re actually the one playing him,” one read, while the other said: “When the girl he cheated with me on asked me to hang out.”

With these two vids coming out, chances are there’s little to no truth behind his mumma’s cheating scandal. But wouldn’t that be effing TEA if true? 

We're here for all these juicy POVS, but boy are we glad it's not us!