Taylor Swift unexpectedly reveals the fourth and FINAL version of The Tortured Poets Department

Taylor Swift unexpectedly reveals the fourth and FINAL version of The Tortured Poets Department

And there a brand new BONUS TRACK!!!

Taylor Swift thrilled fans as she announced the fourth and final edition of 'The Tortured Poets Department' during 'Eras Tour' in Singapore on Sunday.

Performing her second show in Singapore, Taylor made the surprise announcement about her upcoming album.

“I just had a plan for night two,” Taylor told the audience, in a clip that was also briefly broadcast live via her Instagram account. “I kinda felt you’d be excited, so I kinda wanted to show you something that no one else has seen before.”

As the crowd began to scream, a sepia image appeared of Taylor holding her chin with one hand while the other hand grasped the top of her head.

She then announced the last version of her anticipated new album would feature a bonus track, 'The Black Dog'.

“If you want to look at the main screen, I want to show you something,” Taylor teased concertgoers. “This is the final edition of The Tortured Poets Department. It’s the final cover… and there’s a song called 'The Black Dog'. I can’t wait for you to hear it and I just appreciate the enthusiasm.”

The Cruel Summer singer also shared her news on Instagram, posting the same artwork she had unveiled during her latest concert date.

“'Old habits die screaming…' File Name: The Black Dog," she wrote in a message to accompany the image. "Pre-order the final new edition of THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT with exclusive bonus track 'The Black Dog' on my website now."

'The Tortured Poets Department' is set for release on 19 April.

Taylor thrilled fans during her first Eras show in Singapore on Saturday when she revealed the destination holds a special place in her heart because of its connection to her mother Andrea Swift.

"My mom actually spent a lot of her childhood with her mom and dad and sister growing up in Singapore," she told the crowd.

"So a lot of the time when we'd come here on tour, my mom would take me and drive me past her old house, where she used to go to school. So I've been hearing about Singapore my whole life.”

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