Fans reckon Taylor Swift got 'the ick' from Travis Kelce singing in Super Bowl winning speech

Fans reckon Taylor Swift got 'the ick' from Travis Kelce singing in Super Bowl winning speech

"Did we just watch her get the ick in real time???"

Taylor Swift fans are convinced they’ve pinpointed the exact moment she got “the ick” during Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl celebratory speech.

While watching Travis go wild on stage after his back-to-back win with The Kansas City Chiefs at yesterday’s 2024 Super Bowl LVIII, there was one moment that left everyone cringing at the screen - Taylor included!

After beating the San Francisco 49ers at Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium with a score of 25-22, Travis repeatedly sang lines from Elvis' song 'Viva Las Vegas'.

Did you catch that uncomfortable face at the end? Fans reckon that’s the face of a girl who just got icked out by her bf. 

“Seeing someone get the ick in real time,” wrote one Swiftie on X (formerly Twitter).

Another asked: “Did we all just collectively watch Taylor get the ick while Travis yelled Viva Las Vegas???”

“I will never hear 'Viva Las Vegas' the same way again,” joked a third.

While a fourth simply left it with a meme perfectly describing the moment.

Now, don’t get it twisted, this could have just been a totally misjudged situation. The camera might’ve just turned to Talyor at a SUUPER awkward time. It doesn’t mean she got the total ick, right?

Well, body language expert, Dr Louise Mahler told Yahoo Lifestyle: “ I think she was horrified, slightly amused, but embarrassed.”

"In this footage, she opens, then shuts and holds her mouth tightly. She does not want to open it, suggesting she does not want to say something. Her mouth is slightly smiling, but her eyes lose their sparkle. She is being polite,” she added.

Then again the pair did pack on the PDA with a huge smooch afterwards, so we’re sure everything is fine in Tayvis’ relo.

Do you reckon Taylor got the major ick, or was it just an awkwardly timed camera cut? You be the decider.