A MAFS AU bride has gone OFF about expecting a man to pay and people are NOT happy

A MAFS AU bride has gone OFF about expecting a man to pay and people are NOT happy

"You owe me!"

A 'MAFS' AU 2024 bride-to-be has gone OFF about expecting a man to pay, and people are fuming at her reasons why.

With the show's latest series set to kick off in a week, we’ve been treated to solo ‘get to know’ videos of the upcoming cast.

While getting to know 29-year-old Sara we found out she lives in Sydney (sweet), is a nutritionist (cool), and will NEVER pay for a date (whaaaat?!?!).

Yep, recalling a second date with a guy, Sara explained that she laughed in his face after he let her pay.

Apparently, the poor guy was super confused at the sitch, but Sara puts it down to him being called out. 

“No one would do that,” she says of her bold move.

Explaining her list of reasons she shouldn’t pay her own way on a date, Sara begins to get a little heated.

“I pay to get my hair done, my brows done, medication, birth control etc. The least they could do is pay for dinner. Like, you owe me or I’m gonna bill you.”

Sara makes her point that women spend a lot of time, energy and money on showing up and being presentable for a date. So, it seems in her opinion, it’s fair for a man to then even the playing field by paying for the meal.  

But it seems most of the comments disagree, with one writing: “If It was the second date and he paid for the first then it's only fair for the woman to get the second one....”

Another said: “You can't expect a man to pay. Yes, it's nice to be treated, but no one owes you a thing.”

“Hope she gets the guy who thinks he's alpha 🤣,” joked a third.

It’s definitely a tough one! Would you expect your date to pay for your meals every time or is it a take-turns sort of deal?