Zac Efron just quoted High School Musical in his Hollywood Walk of Fame speech and I'm FREAKING

Zac Efron just quoted High School Musical in his Hollywood Walk of Fame speech and I'm FREAKING

Another thing Zac and I have in common is that we both sing HSM in the shower 😍

High School Musical fans imma need ya’ll to sit tf down for this one.

Our tween heartthrob Zac Efron just threw in a major shout-out to the Disney Channel movie during his Hollywood Walk of Fame star unveiling.

During his speech, Zac took the mic and said: "I've been acting, singing and dancing for as long as I can remember," Efron said during his speech at the ceremony, "but never in my wildest dreams that I'd imagine I would be standing here today."

Taking a stroll down memory lane, he added: β€œA long time before the β€˜Iron Claw’, I spent a lot of time with Kenny Ortega (HSM Director) and Bill Borden (producer).”

β€œI mean you were both instrumental in giving me my start in High School Musical, and for that, I’m just eternally grateful.”

β€œYou have no idea, I still think about it every day, I still sing the songs in the shower,” he added.

β€œMe too,” a fan shouted from the crowd and SAME! Let's be real, who among us hasn't tried to hit those high notes while shampooing?

He even threw out a casual "Go Wildcats!”

Cue the collective fangirling, because it's been YEARS since we heard him blurt those words.

Call me delulu, but I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for a reunion!

And while he’s skipped out on a few opportunities **cough, HSMTMTS and the 2020 reunion, cough**, he did say he’d been keen to reprise his role.

Speaking with E! News last year, Zac said he's eager to show up if there's ever a reboot of the iconic movies.

When asked if he would play Troy Bolton again, the actor said: "Of course, of course."

So, Wildcats, keep your heads in the game and bop your hopes to the top because one day, just maybe, we'll see Zac slip into that Wildcats singlet and grab a microphone again.