'Disgusted' Taylor Swift fans are re-assessing Travis Kelce after he called women 'breeders'

'Disgusted' Taylor Swift fans are re-assessing Travis Kelce after he called women 'breeders'

"I'm physically cringing."

Travis Kelce is copping some major heat from Swifties after a re-surfaced clip of him saying he wants to “find a breeder” has gone viral amid rumors he and Taylor Swift have spoken about having kids.

An insider spilled to Yahoo Entertainment: “He and Taylor have even talked about kids. Travis wants them in the next year or so, and Taylor, of course, is all in.”

“He’s exactly the guy she’s been waiting for!”

“Travis made a confession to Taylor that changed everything,” the source explained about the early stages of their relo.

Apparently, wedding bells could also be ringing, and I’m gonna need some water because this is all getting too much.

“He told her that this wasn’t going to be just a fling. He said he can see himself marrying Taylor.”

But as we all know, Swifties never forget and came with receipts about a controversial comment Travis made just months before his romance with Taylor sparked.

During an episode of his podcast ‘New Heights’ with his brother Jason and mum Donna, Travis joked that he needed to “find a breeder” so he could have children just like his big bro.

“I’ve gotta start breeding,” Travis repeatedly said before his brother chimed in “Please don’t.”

Donna advised her son, “Wait until you find the right person. Find the right person.”

While it could be perceived as sweet that Travis might’ve found “the right person” in Taylor, Swifites have been very vocal about NOT being impressed with Travis’ choice of words.

One fuming Swiftie wrote: “‘start breeding’ oh this is just f*cking disgusting and it's setting us back so much. women aren't baby-making machines, women are more than the man they're dating, we are more than marriage.”

“The sentence ‘ I’m gonna find a breeder’ makes me physically cringe,” another added. 

While a third chimed in: “Well, I know for DAMN SURE that shit about ‘having kids within the next year’ is NOT coming from Taylor’s side.”

They continued: “She’s got the eras tour booked all through next year, and she’d rather die than cancel a show. but we do know who’s been public about looking for a ‘BREEDER.’”

What's your take on this? Should we be re-assessing our opinions on Travis following his comments?