Ok but is Harry Styles actually bald? This new photo of him might be all the PROOF we need

Ok but is Harry Styles actually bald? This new photo of him might be all the PROOF we need

Is #baldarry back?!

UPDATE 10/11/23: We have more angles of Harry's new hairdo after fan footage, obtained by TMZ, shows the singer rocking a new buzz cut at U2's Las Vegas Sphere concert with his girlfriend, Taylor Russell.

Is Harry Styles pulling a Houdini on us with his hair? That's the burning question on everyone's mind after ANOTHER picture of a suspiciously bald Hazza has been doing the viral rounds.

Harry Styles is known for his luscious locks, which is probably why everyone goes into a tizzy any time there’s mention of a cut, and in this case one of the buzz kinds.

So, did Harry shave his head? The rumour mill was cranked into high gear by a mysterious source spilling to the gossip page Deuxmoi.

The insider said: “Harry Styles appeared to be missing something at the U2 concert at Sphere in Las Vegas this past Wednesday… his long, luscious locks!”

“We can confirm with 100 per cent certainty that he is now sporting a buzz cut. We have photo evidence that we don’t have permission to share at this time. Don’t worry though, he still looks fire,” they added.

While we don’t have any clear-cut evidence, there has been this painfully grainy pic floating around, and it’s playing an optical illusion with our minds.

BRB while I send my condolences to the curls that might be no more!

But let’s remember we’ve been down this rabbit hole before. We’re talking about those snaps that circulated around the fandom during his ‘Love on Tour’ shows last year.

It was first posted by @abbi.henry on TikTok, where she shared her snap of Harry’s hair mid-concert, and let’s just say it looks ready to take flight.

In the now-deleted clip, it did look like Harry’s hair had lifted off his head, much like a hairpiece would... but with all that stage lighting it could just be a suspiciously convenient optical illusion.

As far as this conspiracy theory goes there's not a lot of concrete evidence to back it up but it sure has kept us up at night questioning it.

So, is Harry Styles actually bald, or is it all just a bit of smoke and mirrors? Frankly, we're not sure, but tbh from what we’ve seen of this seemingly new buzz-cut look, it’s a slay!