Jack Harlow said he likes NZ women on the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast, so BRB I'm shooting my shot

Jack Harlow said he likes NZ women on the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast, so BRB I'm shooting my shot

I knew he had good taste!

Jack Harlow has just revealed he likes New Zealand women, so we’re in with a chance ladies.

The Kentucky-born rapper joined Alex Cooper on her ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast to chat about a variety of insights into his love life and successful career, including how wild it was for him to feel the love and realise the extent of his fame here in New Zealand.

Alex asked Jack how he felt about being recognised more now that he’s become globally recognised.

 “It’s very validating, especially overseas, walking through New Zealand and Australia, and people know [me]. That’s one of those moments when you take that time to pat yourself on the back, so it feels really good,” Jack said.

Alex, being the sneaky detective we all need, slyly throws him the question: “Do you like the New Zealand women?”

“Yeah,” Jack replied quickly.

Yeah, YEAH?! Jack, there's a loooong line of us over here, ready to shoot our shot, and all we get is a "yeah"? We need the juicy deets!

Why’d he move on so quickly? We need answers, Jack…

I don’t even want to talk about the fact he then went on to praise UK women for their chattiness and wit because, ahem, do we not have those things too?

It must be that damn accent - I’d fall for it too tbh.

So what exactly is Jack looking for in a relationship? Well, he shares everything he’s not after.

"I don't want to play any games."

“I don't like mean-spirited energy at all. I don’t like toxicity that’s not one of my fetishes and I know that’s going right now, there’s a lot of guys who are into that, but I have no patience for it,” Jack explained.

Well, Jack, if you're reading this and you're keen on a Kiwi gal who checks all your boxes, hit us up at 0800 843 3343 ;)