Just kinda embarrassing: This former MAFS star tried to slam a pizza place over a $50 deal

Just kinda embarrassing: This former MAFS star tried to slam a pizza place over a $50 deal

Who ordered a slice of drama?!

Former Married at First Sight star Jackson Lonie found himself in a fierce online battle with a Gold Coast pizza restaurant after trying to get them cancelled on social media.

Here's the thing, though - Artie's Woodfire Pizza wasn't having a single slice of his drama and went on to expose him for essentially having a tantrum over a $50 deal.

Jackson's pizza problem began when he decided to order two large pizzas and two sides, expecting to snag a sweet deal. However, things took a turn when he received two "small" pizzas instead. 

So, he did what any recently ‘famed’ reality TV star thinks they can do with the power of their newfound following, and publicly shamed the pizzeria on Instagram.

Unfortunately for Jackson, Artie's had ordered an extra side of shade with their meal, and pulled out the Uno reverse card on him.

They quickly responded, pointing out that Jackson had actually missed a few crucial details. 

It turns out the $50 deal he was gunning for was only valid on specific weekdays from 5 p.m. onwards. Jackson, however, made his move on a Saturday night. 

Oops, somebody didn't read the fine print. Rookie mistake!

But just in case you thought it couldn’t get any more embarrassing for the MAFS star, Jackson continued his social media storm, urging his followers to boycott the pizzeria while insisting that there was some sort of major context that everyone was missing.

"The thing is you don't know all the context, and I can understand why you'd all be mad going by that context," Jackson said on his Instagram Stories.

“Yes, I didn't read the thing properly, but I clicked the link and it gave me that deal that was meant to be there. So, why does your link then send me to that deal?"

Artie's wasn't having any of it and came back with receipts, literally. 

They posted a video tutorial on how to navigate their online menu, showing the confirmation page where customers can double-check their orders before hitting that final "order" button. 

Welp, it seems like Jackson's misunderstanding was actually deeper than the crust of his pizza.

Many were quick to call out the reality star in the comments, with one user writing: "How embarrassing for him! Good on you guys for bringing the receipts!"

Another said: "This is actually so embarrassing for him 😂 I wouldn’t be worried at all if I’m honest. If anything, this should give you MORE business."

While even Jackson's fellow MAFS cast member Domenica Calarco chimed in, writing: "This has to be the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen 😂."

Maybe he could have saved all this embarrassment by just calling the restaurant in the first place rather than a public outrage on social media, YIKES!